Help and Frequently asked Questions

Can I cancel or take a break from membership?
Yes. Simply select “Pause” or “Cancel” your plan by visiting and edit your account and membership settings. A membership pause & resume extends the renewal date to the future and can be done one time.

What if I don’t have good wi-fiat my club?
No problem. We don’t stream. Your music downloads to your device before you teach. You only need internet for a few minutes to download albums or make a custom mix. When it’s time for class, switch to Airplane mode and enjoy uninterrupted playback offline.

Can I still access my music if I cancel my membership?
If you cancel your membership, you lose access to your membership benefits including the music you have downloaded and the custom mixes you created. Simply renew and all your previous mixes and favorite tracks will be ready and waiting for you.

What are the system requirements for Yes!GO?
The iOS app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, iPad 2nd Gen or higher and iPod Touch. The Android app requires OS 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later.

How is this different from iTunes and Spotify music?
This service combines our comprehensive music catalog with teaching tools that help group fitness instructors teach better classes, including tempo control, interval timers and the ability to make non-stop custom mixes. Additionally, all of our music is engineered with 32-count phrasing to help instructors count reps, track time, ensure bilateral efficiency (32 counts on the right side, 32 counts on the left side, etc), and create, teach and breakdown all types of choreography. Lastly, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and other similar services grant users a “personal use” only license/agreement, are and not intended for commercial use or public performance. All Yes! and Yes!GO recordings are licensed for commercial use.

Can I download music to my computer to burn a CD?
Yes!GO only works with mobile phones and tablets and does not give you access to permanent music download files for CD burning

Finding Yes!GO and Tempo Magic Apps on iPad
When searching the App store on your iPad, the default search shows only iPad Apps. Click the drop down and change from iPad Only to iPhone Only.
To find and change this drop down, first search for Yes!GO, then you will see options to change from iPad to iPhone.

Are your CDs 32-count phrased?
Yes, Our CDs are meticulously edited for even smooth 32 count phrases by industry professionals that have mixed and produced thousands of albums designed for all types of group fitness classes – from barre to step to bootcamp and more. We promise not to miss a beat.

Does Yes! use Clean Lyrics in their CDs?
Yes! CDs are produced in a way to appeal to the widest audiences. 
We review and edit content to make sure that explicit content is removed from Yes! branded mixes and With Energy 4 Fitness CDs we will only be able to provide a list of questionable lyrics once we review each CD personally. Currently we can not guarantee clean lyric content on Energy 4 Fitness products.

PPL Free Music
We control all of the recordings on our albums and we are not members to associations like PPL in the UK, NRCC in Canada, PPCA in Australia PPNZ in New Zealand that represent the performance rights of recordings and charge fees to you to perform those recordings in health clubs. Our music is not represented by these societies and therefore you do not need to secure licenses from these associations if you plan to use our music exclusively, or plan to use a combination of Yes! music along with other “exempt” music sources.

Can I see your Privacy Policy?
We value your privacy. You can visit our privacy policy at . Contact if you would like modifciations or deletion of yuor account.

Contact for more information.